Aceso is honored to support the New Jersey Organization of Nurse Leaders Annual Conference May 2-3 in Princeton, NJ. This year’s agenda is full of accomplished Nurse Executives, and more than 200 nurses from across New Jersey will be in attendance. The theme of the two day event is focused on Cultivating and Sustaining a Healthy Work Environment. The conference also serves as the annual ONL business meeting.

As a part of Aceso’s sponsorship, Sarah Wright, RN Nursing Informatics Officer, and Shad Williams will be on site to meet with nurse leaders to talk about their patient room strategies. Specifically, we’ll share ideas on how care teams can effectively leverage patient-facing tools to make the patient stay more comfortable, and care delivery more efficient…and ultimately, a better care experience for all.

The Aceso platform turns the TV in the room to a customizable “Pane of Glass” that can deliver virtual care, education, communication services, environmental controls, relaxation, traditional whiteboard updates, and more. The result is a better patient experience, and a better care environment for all.

This year’s Annual Conference is being held in Princeton, NJ at the Marriott at Forrestal. You can find details at: