Quality & Safety

  • eCareBoard brings information from an average of 25 unique Electronic Health Record locations to one convenient easy-to-use screen.
  • eCareBoard brings information from an average of 4 different data sources.
  • Nurses surveyed report saving an average of 5 minutes per shift by using eCareBoard (not needing to retrieve data manually).
  • Eliminates need for dual documentation, eliminates potential error.
  • Nearly 100% compliance with mandated Baby Safety video views for new mothers at Swedish Medical Center.

“The staff use the Activity Level on the eCB all the time and really rely on it for safety and more efficient care.  At glance, with the last filed activity, they can see how many people it took to safely ambulate the patient (e.g. 2 person assist) and the devices like a walker.  They don’t need to find the chart, log in or find the nurse to ask her, which can take 5 minutes just to get the information.  This assures that patients are transferred safely and without delay.”

Pat Ewert, Kaiser Permanente

“The eCB supports our “Care without Delay” initiative.  There is a goal to improve the discharge process and discharge patients within 2 hours of the d/c order.  MD’s love the eCB, and the Estimated Discharge Date because it helps expedite the process.  Patients see the date and start to prepare to go home, getting a ride, organizing belongings etc.  So when the order comes in for discharge, the patients and staff are already ready.  Everyone is on the same page; patients, family, doctors, nurses, care coordinators etc.”

Pat Ewert, Kaiser Permanente

“If a patient has had an acute change I can look up there [eCareBoard®] and see the emergency contact information rather than having to search the chart.  It saves time during an emergency situation or when I need to contact a family member right away.”

Matt Noffsinger, RN, Assistant Director, Grandview Medical Center

“This does help our patients.  People on my floor come because they’re sick and they need to know what’s next.  These tools help remind me what to explain to my patients.”

Registered Nurse, Grandview Medical Center