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Digital Patient Room Whiteboard

eCareBoard is a communication tool that replaces the traditional patient room whiteboard. Aceso has transformed the patient, family and clinician experience by displaying real-time, automated information that is patient specific and non-clinical. This information is presented in a consumer-friendly way through the automated digital whiteboard without adding steps to clinician workflows. eCareBoard can be customizable to align with the messaging and branding initiatives of your health system while helping to improve HCAHPS scores. Can be integrated with UpCare and displayed on the patient room TV or standalone on a separate digital screen.

eCareBoard is a digital solution that provides patients with a unique, personalized and fully-integrated healthcare experience. Our robust interface engine sources real-time data from a variety of systems, including but not limited to:

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Admit, Transfer, Discharge (ADT) systems
  • Nurse/Call Communication Systems
  • Staff/Clinician Directories

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Aceso’s expert clinicians and design teams follow Human-Centered Design methodology for creating successful designs that focus on the end-user. Aceso’s teams work closely with the client and customizes the User Experience at a health system, facility, service line, unit, and patient level to deliver data that flexes by specialty. Health system messaging and branding guidelines are also adhered to.

In addition to displaying patient-specific clinical data, our clients have the power to push critical and timely messaging through the automated digital whiteboard using UpCast™, Aceso’s very own communication and messaging solution. Our platform supports two messaging management options:

A. Manual entry and updating of messaging on the client side
B. Aceso provides a dedicated team to manage 100% of messaging content

eCareBoard Specialties (including but not limited to):

Everyone is Informed with Real-Time Information:

  • Administrators and non-clinical staff have access to pertinent patient information at the bedside.

  • Patients and families have access to updated and correct information from plan of care, care teams, tests, status and discharge information.

  • Improves patient and staff communication.

  • Improves overall patient experience.

Eliminate Steps in the Clinical Process:

  • Displays real-time on the whiteboard as you enter data in the EHR.

  • Clinicians do not need to manually update the whiteboard.

  • Displays data which takes multiple “clicks” for clinicians to find in the EHR (activity level, expected discharge date, etc.)

  • Creates a more personalized and meaningful conversation with the patient and family which helps streamline the discharge process.

What our Client-Partners are Saying:


“…I feel that nurses know who I am, and I don’t have to wait around for things…
I just look at the board.”


“…It saves times because we don’t have to dual document (in the EHR and whiteboard) or do the same thing in two places to get data to show up. This saves at least 5-10 minutes
per nurse per shift.”


“…Everyone that rounds sees the same information which changes the conversation with the patient and family. We have been able to reduce the time to discharge and have the highest HCAHPS scores in our region.”

Aceso’s digital patient room whiteboard eliminates the need for traditional heavy, expensive and outdated dry-erase whiteboards. Contact us today to learn more about how our integrated electronic whiteboard solution can help improve patient outcomes and clinician workflows.

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