Aceso Interactive is a software development firm focused on solutions for the healthcare industry. Founded in 2009, Aceso has been singularly focused on healthcare since inception. Our purpose is to develop user friendly software that improves the patient and care team experience.

With a focus on design and usability, the Aceso platform has been awarded two patents. State of the art design and technology allow Aceso to deliver a flexible platform with low technical overhead. And as an enabling solution, the Aceso platform leverages digital end points (smart TVs and connected devices) as a completely customizable “Pane of Glass™.” Aceso consumes data from clinical and operational systems, and presents information in a personalized manner, enabling patients the ability to engage in their stay, and creating practical efficiencies for the care team.

If you are focused on the patient experience, or thinking through your “Patient Room of the Future®” strategy and interested in learning how you can leverage the “Pane of Glass”, follow this link to learn more.

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