Wilbraham, MA, April 1, 2024 – Through Q1 2024, Health systems and hospitals across North America continue to focus on the possibilities of the Aceso Pane of Glass, and the Patient Room of the Future. Aceso is working with Client partners to define and implement solutions for specific use cases based on specific priorities, and the common priority among all providers is this: implementing patient-friendly tools that enhance the care experience, and streamline care team workflow.

As we deliver with our Clients the Patient Room of the Future, we’ve found that the best approach is the practical approach. And as a practical matter, one size does not fit all when it comes to delivering smart technology in the patient room. Whether managing through existing infrastructure limitations, or architecting a green grass facility with the freedom to design, the Aceso Pane of Glass and modular approach allows flexibility.  A phrase made common by one Aceso Client is this: Crawl. Walk. Run. While each Client can define what constitutes a Crawl, Walk, and Run, the imagery perfectly defines the approach: focus on flexibility, and build the solution that meets your needs.

For many, the Crawl stage may involve a refresh of technology in the patient room. Upgrading TVs, pillow speakers, and nurse call may be the baseline to establishing an interactive solution that patients and care teams can leverage to deliver the basics: entertainment, relaxation and communication. In other scenarios, the Walk may be integrating patient education, environmental controls and access to on-demand services. And the Run may mean integrated virtual care, advanced care team communication, voice controls and leveraging AI to predict the needs of people in your care. You set the standard and design of your Patient Room of the Future, and the Pane of Glass delivers.

More to come as we continue the journey!