Nantucket Cottage Hospital, (“NCH”), and Boston-based, Aceso® Interactive have reached an agreement for Aceso to deploy a healthcare technology solution designed to engage, communicate, and improve the patient and guest experience as well as improve the clinical workflow.

Nantucket Cottage Hospital is implementing the Aceso Next-Gen Integrated Technology platform, UpTech™, and UpCare™, an advanced interactive patient engagement solution. NCH will install Aceso’s technology throughout the inpatient private rooms, utilizing a user interface that accesses an Enterprise Media Repository which stores, streams and manages all the system’s content from a single source.

The Aceso software-based solution is displayed on a large-screen Smart TV allowing patients to access patient-specific and hospital information, entertainment, relaxation, and wellness content. The system is personalized to each patient by sourcing a variety of data from Epic, the hospital’s electronic health record system. Aceso Interactive President, Geoff Fiedler, added: “We are thrilled to have been selected to implement our Next Generation Integrated Technology solution as part of the entire Island community effort to build a hospital for the future that is committed to those on their healthcare journey throughout the patient care process.”