Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. (Sirius), a leading national IT solutions integrator, and Aceso® Interactive (Aceso), a premier provider of interactive patient care and digital media solutions, are partnering to raise the bar in patient care through the UpTech™ and UpCare™ solutions, Aceso’s next-generation integrated technology platform. Together, the companies are making this technology available to hospitals and outpatient care facilities nationwide.

Aceso UpTech and UpCare form the foundation for an advanced interactive patient-centered health ecosystem that empowers
patients to take charge of their healthcare environment through their personal mobile devices. Patients can now use their voice to control features within their room such as the thermostat, lighting, blinds, personalized TV and meal ordering while providing access to clinicians, ancillary staff and loved ones through bi-directional video communication. The system also digitizes the traditional dry-erase whiteboard, which offers a centralized location for the care team, patient and family members to view care plans, goals, activities, diet and other clinical information, thus improving communication and streamlining patient care.

As one of the industry’s largest providers of complete business and infrastructure solutions, Sirius designs, implements, and helps clients optimize and operate the world’s leading technologies. “Healthcare is complicated, and care delivery is changing for the better,” said Imran Salim, senior vice president of Healthcare Strategy and Solutions at Sirius. “Sirius Healthcare wants to be part of transforming care by leveraging technologies, people and processes, and we see Aceso as a key part of that transformation by creating patient engagement, improved workflows, better information communication, and patient satisfaction.”

“Combining Aceso’s technology with Sirius’ extensive industry experience has enabled us to design a new consumer-centric digital strategy we call The Patient Room of the Future™,” said Geoff Fiedler, president of Aceso. “Our aim is to provide healthcare data, content and services to the consumer when and where they want them. We believe our partnership with Sirius will help transform the healthcare experience through technology that empowers patients and simplifies clinicians’ workflow.”

Aceso solutions are now available from Sirius nationwide.