Products: UpCare™

Products: UpCare™


On the heels of healthcare legislation, there’s a premium placed on reducing re-admissions that puts new performance pressures on hospitals, administrators, doctors and nurses. In order to remain competitive, providers have to build viable strategies that enable patients and family members to better manage their own health. Aceso advances a solution with UpCare, our 100% customizable user interface that facilitates new levels of provider and patient engagement in order to enhance the patient experience, ease staff workload and improve outcomes.

UpCare is powered by UpTech, Aceso’s proprietary and centralized platform used to deliver content and receive information. UpCare solves problems for hospital administrators, provides support for healthcare professionals and delivers condition-specific content, bedside support and on-demand entertainment to patients.

UpCare™ benefits:

  • Improves patient satisfaction while enhancing recovery through customized education, top entertainment and streamlined bedside requests
  • Improves efficiency and productivity by leveraging Aceso’s clinical and technology expertise so that clinicians are free to focus on patients
  • Meets government mandated Meaningful Use objectives by optimizing electronic resources in order to better coordinate patient education and care
  • Provides avenue for regulatory compliance through documentation in the Electronic Health Record (education, etc.) and safety information

UpCare™ features:

  • Integrates with Epic, Cerner and other existing systems to provide data to deliver substantive and relevant content to the patient’s television and ultimately the home
  • Delivers condition-specific content that enables the provider to prescribe and document the completion of integrated patient educational materials
  • Relays patient requests and feedback to the appropriate professional in its most useful form, from email to text to display screen
  • Provides dietary integration by allowing patients to use their television screens to send meal requests directly to the hospital’s dietary service
  • Presents on demand entertainment through a simple bedside interface
  • Allows tailored messaging so that hospitals can customize announcements to particular patient populations