Advantages: UpTech Technology

Advantages: UpTech Technology

99.999% to be exact

UpTech™’s superior systems design features exhaustive, built-in redundancy that ensures 99.999% uptime for UpCare services. UpTech also edges out cumbersome competitive systems that simply lack UpTech’s superior capacity to fully integrate with existing systems.

UpTech™ delivers:

UpTech brings interactive television services to the healthcare setting.

1. Practicality

  • Minimum In-Room Hardware: UpTech replaces the expensive, unreliable, and dated set top boxes offered by competitors with a technically superior Television Control Module (TCM) that’s as small as a cell phone
  • Minimal Hardware Investment: Because UpTech can support an entire hospital enterprise from one head-end location, the cost of hardware is exponentially reduced

2. Capacity

  • Superior Digital Technology: UpTech offers a digital interactive solution as opposed to the analog, multiple-moving-parts antiquity of competitive systems
  • Video-streaming Technology: UpTech ensures uninterrupted, interactive data exchange and redundancy through the exclusive use of patented video-streaming technology

3. Predictability

  • 99.999% Uptime: Already being utilized throughout the healthcare industry, UpTech’s underlying technology is established and unrivaled by the competition

4. Flexibility

  • Collaborative Partnership: Aceso has fostered strong and collaborative corporate partnerships, leveraging extensive experience working with principal health-system-technology providers
  • Platform Integration: On the strength of our long-term relationships, UpTech can interface, receive, and send data to and from principal health-system technology providers.

5. Scalability

  • Exclusive Centralized Architecture: UpTech has the capacity to support multiple healthcare facilities from a single location
  • Propagating Content: In addition to easily scaling the number of facilities served by UpTech, this simplicity and scalability also applies to video

6. Utility

  • Data Management and Utilization: One of Aceso’s distinguished advantages is its investment in experts who know how to leverage healthcare technology
  • Single-Site Support of Multiple Facilities: The UpTech infrastructure can be set up to support a single hospital or an entire healthcare enterprise, minimizing the cost of health information technology support services