Aceso Products and Solutions

In the face of healthcare legislation that ties performance to reimbursements, hospitals face the multiple pressures of improving the patient experience and reducing re-admissions while also controlling escalating costs. Aceso solves this challenge by providing streamlined, cost-saving technology that help engage patients and families, thereby improving their hospital experience while complying with healthcare regulations such as Meaningful Use.

  • UpCare™ delivers condition-specific educational content, top entertainment and patient assistance to the patients’ the bedside.
  • eCareBoard® (eCB™) displays relevant and pertinent patient information to improve communication between caregivers, patients and families.
  • Hospital Television (HTV) delivers compelling digital signage to common area lobbies, nursing units through a cloud-based, client controlled software.

A proprietary, centralized solution, UpTech™, is the technology foundation of all three products, and outpaces competitive systems that require formidable capital investment, space and maintenance. UpTech’s built-in Interface Engine allows for uncomplicated connection with existing information systems (Epic, Computrition, etc.), providing a seamless way to bring personalized information to the patient room. And with our ongoing client support, Aceso outdistances competitors who install complex systems then leave customers to their own devices.

In partnership with hospitals, Aceso’s goal is to leverage each digital offering to translate best practices into better outcomes by empowering all parties from the bedside up: from patient to provider to administrator. We are confident in our collective ability to deliver a unique solution that realizes our shared vision.