Products: HTV Digital Signage

Products: HTV Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Aceso deploys award-winning, easy-to-use, scalable and affordable digital signage solutions to any size healthcare facility or corporate building environment. We assist in everything from digital communication strategy planning to installation, including content development and acquisition, system management, training, support and everything in between.

Aceso’s digital ecosystem extends from the patient room throughout the healthcare facility, to common lobbies, nursing units, classrooms and cafeterias with “HTV” (Hospital Television network) and digital signage. Keep your patients and visitors informed with announcements, wayfinding, event listings, donor recognition and inspirational patient stories. This represents only the tip of the content iceberg that will further the communication reach and build brand awareness.


  • Promotes Hospital achievements, events, new services and brand
  • Enhances the experience through display of aesthetically-pleasing scenic imagery
  • Provides wayfinding information to help direct guests to their destination
  • Puts control of content management in the hands of the facility


  • Cloud based content management system allowing for central management and campaign scheduling
  • Robust client tools for content creation and programming
  • Push content to all areas of hospital including bedside, lobbies, dining rooms and conference rooms
  • Digital display of events, services, and other hospital promotions
  • Digital dynamic display of visually appealing programming

Aceso’s Hospital Television Network

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RECOVERY AND RENEWAL: How Spaulding Boston Uses Digital Display to Powerfully Drive Patient Experiences and the Hospital’s Brand
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Digital Signage Services:


Our team will work with you to develop the optimal deployment strategy for your signage objectives. We will analyze and prescribe the best digital signage solution guaranteed to meet your goals and your budget. Items for consideration and discussion include:

  • Number of signage locations
  • Optimal location and orientation
  • Phased approach, if needed
  • Size of displays
  • Features
  • Content development
  • System management
  • Power and network requirements
  • Support

Content Development

Aceso Content Services can assist you in the creation and production of compelling and eye-catching content for your environment. Whether you need help creating a simple template, or require full creative production services, Aceso can do it all.

  • Create dynamic layouts and zones for eye-catching displays
  • Build customizable templates for assigned users to easily publish content
  • Create eye-catching graphics to promote your brand
  • Format videos and motion graphics for powerful impact
  • Animate logos, text and graphics

Digital signage content is not about re-inventing the wheel. In fact, much of the content that is currently in use could be re-purposed and reformatted for digital signage, further enhancing and maximizing the consistency of your brand, whether it be graphics, animation, or full-motion.


Your digital signage screens will be installed professionally, with careful consideration to the substrate of which wall mounts would be attached as well as the correct height, line-of-sight and overall environmental placement. In addition, our team will assure you of complete compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Power sources are required for the signage displays as well as for the media player. The power receptacle and data port will be hidden behind the screen for a clean look, and sometimes placed remotely and out of site.
Network Connectivity
An Internet connection is required for each media player. A wireless connection is available, but thorough analysis of the physical environment is required before we recommend a wireless solution. To minimize risk and maximize connectivity we recommend a wired solution whenever possible.
After your system is installed and network connectivity is established, our team will deploy and test the content. We will make any adjustments or changes needed to ensure your digital signs perform as expected.


The EnGage Content Manager Software (CMS) leverages a decade of development and deep, direct industry experience to deliver a sophisticated planning, distribution and management system for your digital signage network. As a cloud-based tool, all management, including player updates, takes place over the Internet. EnGage provides a wide range of capabilities with an open architecture that allows complete customization to meet your needs.
The EnGage media players use greater intelligence to manage the demands of dynamic scheduling. Whether you’re building complex playlists for large networks or simply programming pre-determined playlists, EnGage is simple and easy to use. You’ll have full visibility and control over your digital signage network, with the reassurance of a totally robust and secure operating system.


Aceso provides in-depth training on the content management system (CMS). We recommend a train-the-trainer approach, and will work with you to determine the frequency and duration of training sessions. A best practice is training over several non-concurrent days.

Training on the use of EnGage will include:

  • How to prepare and upload content
  • How to create programs, playlists and timetables
  • How to publish content and schedules
  • Administrative functions (adding Users, roles, notifications, etc.)
  • Managing system on/off times
  • OnSite Manager – an easy-to-use template driven messaging system for occasional users


Aceso’s Content Management Software will allow you to monitor your system whenever and wherever you are. With an uptime rate of over 99.99% there is rarely a need for onsite service. However, if you experience an issue, we are always available and help walk you through troubleshooting and deploy a service technician if needed. We will not stop until the issue is resolved.

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