Advantages: HCAHPS Support

Advantages: HCAHPS Support

HCAHPS Support

These days, HCAHPS surveys have direct impact on a hospital’s bottom line. Aceso’s product line can improve scores and help clinicians’ address patient concerns in real time. Patient requests lead to immediate results and increases patients’ satisfaction.

Aceso supports patients and clinicians by:

  • Sending patient surveys to bedside, enabling clinicians to address concerns
  • Addressing patient satisfaction before discharge
  • Streamlining clinical workflow with on-demand access to patient education content
  • Improving communication between caregivers, patients and families through the display of relevant patient information
  • Providing patients with condition-specific patient education content with EMR integration


Aceso’s reporting module puts statistics on patient behavior and patient education in the hands of clinicians and stakeholders.

Aceso reporting module:

  • Provides measurable results regarding technology in the healthcare facility
  • Reveals statistics on patient interaction by demographics or condition
  • Reveals the avenues by which patients seek information and receive educational content
  • Notifies clinicians of patient behavior
  • Help improve communication between caregivers, patients and families and address patient satisfaction before discharge