Products: eCareBoard™

Products: eCareBoard™

eCareBoard® (eCB™)

Aceso’s eCareBoard® (also known as eCB™) replaces the in-room white board, providing up-to-date information on the patient’s care team, diet orders, schedule for the day and pertinent health information. Critical to clinicians and informative for patients, families and caregivers, our eCB™ facilitates communication with nurses, physicians and patients. Patients feel empowered, families are updated and wellness discussions ensue with the clinical support staff.

eCareBoard® benefits:

  • Enhances communication between caregivers, patients and families
  • Improves quality and safety through displaying pertinent care information such as fall or pressure ulcer risk
  • Increases patient’s and family’s understanding of their care and care journey
  • Engages patients in the care process

eCareBoard® features:

  • The eCB integrated with UpCare gives patients a medium to digitally communicate with the care team
  • Functionality automatically flexes at a hospital, unit and patient level
  • Integration with external data sources populate information displayed
  • Presents care team, patient goals, patient schedule, activity level, allergy, medication and diet information
  • Allows for patients to input important items such as support person, goals, or “story”
  • Inviting user interface design contiguous with healthcare facility branding