Advantages: Digital Ecosystem

Advantages: Digital Ecosystem

The Aceso Digital Ecosystem for Healthcare

We offer hospitals and healthcare facilities an enterprise wide, centrally managed digital ecosystem.


Aceso provides an interactive patient care and digital media solution, UpCare™/ UpTech™, that delivers patient-specific educational content, top entertainment and bedside assistance to enhance recovery, ease staff workload, improve outcomes.

eCareBoard® (eCB™)

Aceso’s interactive eCareBoard® technology engages patients and families in their care by automatically displaying meaningful information on a digital display panel within the patient room. The eCB™ is an innovative tool for patients, staff and families enabling them to become actively involved in their care and better coordinate education and patient engagement.


Hospital Television (HTV), Aceso’s digital signage network of screens, enables patients and visitors to experience personally relevant and timely content throughout common, waiting and treatment areas.