The Aceso Advantage

Aceso’s state-of-the-art technology, flexible ERM integration capabilities, centrally managed infrastructure and customizable user interface gives Aceso clients cost-effective solutions and a product line that is patient friendly and clinically on target.

We have clinicians on staff that understand the day in the life of physicians and nurses. Our specialists work hand in hand with you to exceed expectations.

Aceso client advantages:

  • Improve HCAHPS and patient satisfaction
  • Streamline clinical workflow with on-demand access to patient education content
  • Improve communication between caregivers, patients and families through the display of relevant patient information
  • Provide patients with condition-specific patient education content with ERM integration
  • Facilitate healing through the provision of therapeutic tools such as Scenic TV and music/radio
  • Empower patients through providing opportunities to report concerns and provide hospitals opportunity to engage in service recovery activities earlier in the process
  • Self-promote new initiatives, services, wellness programming etc
  • Position for Meaningful Use compliance with ERM integration and patient-specific education identification
  • Modernize meal-ordering workflow and reduce complaints and wait times to place food orders